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New Student Pre-Enrollment Checklist

The St. Norbert Registrar's Office requires all new incoming students to complete the following steps. The provided information is needed to obtain a complete student academic record and may be used for both institutional tracking and federal reporting purposes.

Step 1: Academic Honor Code Pledge Review & submit the Academic Honor Code Pledge form
All students are REQUIRED to read and submit the Academic Honor Code Pledge Card electronically. This pledge form will be kept on file in the Registrar's Office.

Step 2: Declare Your Intended Program Intended Program Declaration Form
Follow this link to confirm or update your intended academic program (i.e. prospective major area). Completing this required step assists in assigning you to an appropriate academic advisor. **NOTE - This DOES NOT officially declare your major; you must do that with your advisor by the end of your freshman year.** You can select up to 2 programs of study; Secondary Education majors MUST select a secondary program. If you have not yet decided upon an intended program, you should select the UN-Undecided option.

Step 3: Confirm Your Race & Ethnicity Race and Ethnicity Declaration Form
The U.S. government requires that we report our total enrollments using the recently-updated U.S. Census Bureau race and ethnicity classifications. Please formally confirm your race & ethnicity so that we can maintain federal compliance.

Step 4: Support Services for Students with Disabilities Disability Notification Form
Students who need academic and/or access accommodations should complete the Disability Notification Form. Further information about available services will be provided by the Academic Support Services Office upon submission of this form. Note that documentation of all disabilities will need to be provided.

Step 5: Prior Foreign Language Experience Prior Foreign Language Experience Confirmation
Beginning Fall 2012, St. Norbert College requires all students to be proficient in a secondary language. Consequently, all students are REQUIRED to submit this language competency form so that any previous language experience, or lack thereof, can be taken into account when placing students into language courses at SNC. If language courses were taken during high school through another college, please note the school and course(s) on this form; you must also request that an official transcript be sent from the other institution to the St. Norbert Registrar's Office as soon as possible.

Step 6: Submit ALL Final High School and College-Credit Transcripts
St. Norbert is federally required to maintain a full academic history of all students. Therefore, ALL students are required to submit a final high school transcript confirming graduation prior to starting classes at SNC. In addition, all transcripts from any other colleges or universities attended MUST be submitted before enrollment, including summer and/or college credit programs. ALL transcripts must be submitted, even if you did not pass the classes or do not need the transfer credits. Finally, all AP, IB, and/or CLEP scores should be submitted to SNC as soon as possible. The above documents must be on file to ensure continued eligibility for financial aid and to assist in proper course scheduling selections during your first semesters. Continued student admission is contingent upon providing these documents; failure to do so may impact your ability to remain enrolled with the college.

Transcript ordering information can typically be found on the institution's website or by calling the school directly. All transcripts should be mailed to:
   St. Norbert College
   100 Grant Street
   De Pere, WI 54115
High school transcripts should be sent Attn: Admissions.
College transcripts should be sent Attn: Registrar's Office.
Questions on this requirement may be directed to the Registrar's Office at (920) 403-3216.

Office of the Registrar

Phone: (920) 403-3216
Fax: (920) 403-4035

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