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Grievance Team Training

St. Norbert College's grievance team members (including Coordinator, Deputy Coordinators, Investigators, and Hearing/Appeals Officers) are trained to serve in their various roles within the complaint resolution process for the sex and gender harassment/discrimination policy.

Title IX regulations require institutions to provide adequate training to those who serve within the complaint resolution process, and to post materials for all training that occurs on or after August 14, 2020.  St. Norbert College provides these training materials for all training completed after August 14, 2020, and for other important training experiences completed by grievance team members. These trainings are listed below, by position, and include links to training materials provided for posting compliance purposes.

Any questions on training completed by grievance team members should be directed to Sarah Olejniczak, Title IX and Compliance Coordinator, at

Current Grievance Team Member Training

Title IX Coordinator

Title IX Deputy Coordinators

Title IX Hearing Officer

Title IX Investigators

Title IX Process Advisors

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