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ALIVE Apprentices

What Do Apprentices Do?
ALIVE apprentices are matched up with an upperclass mentor and assist in planning and running programs for the residence hall in which they live. 

Many programs, especially in the beginning of the year, are social in nature and are meant to build community within the hall and on campus. They provide welcoming spaces of belonging and connect students from a variety of backgrounds, faith traditions, and places in their spiritual development. As connections form, students engage in meaningful conversations while having a lot of fun together.  Learn more about the ALIVE Team and check out examples of ALIVE programs currently going on in the halls.

Students currently live and serve in Bergstrom, Madelaine/Lorraine, and Sensenbrenner Halls.

Specific Job Requirements

  • Arrive to campus a few days early to meet fellow ALIVE peer ministers and begin training for the position.
  • Work with another apprentice and your assigned mentor to plan and implement weekly programs in your hall.
  • Build relationships with the residents and the residential life staff in your hall.
  • Be an active member of your hall and a positive role model for your peers.
  • Support other programming in the Emmaus Center.
  • Attend ALIVE large group meetings, reflection groups, workshops and other team training and events.
  • Get paid for an average of 5 hours per week – hours that easily work with your class schedule and other commitments.

Who Should Apply for Apprenticeships?

  • Incoming first-year St. Norbert students of all faith backgrounds and students who do not identify with any particular tradition.
  • Students who enjoy building community and meaningful relationships with their peers.
  • Students interested in growing in their spirituality and in their leadership skills.
  • Students who are asking questions about faith, life and purpose – answers not required!
  • Students with experience in leadership roles or with a clear potential for growth in leadership.
  • Students comfortable sharing their values and ideas with other students and walking with them on their journeys.

Financial Compensation

  • Hourly wage for an average of 5 hours per week.
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