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Finding a Funder

The first step in obtaining funding for your project is to determine where to apply. Project funds can be obtained through internal or external sources:

Internally, the Office of Faculty Development has funds for curricular and instructional projects, professional development, pedagogical conferences, faculty-student research, and more. Externally, the grants team assists in identifying funding opportunities that go beyond this scope and may require a more substantial amount of dollars. These funds are typically derived from private foundations, government agencies, and corporate foundations.

If you’ve determined an external grant is warranted for your plan, fill out the Intent to Seek Funding Form and a member of the grants team will be in touch with the next steps. Based on your specific project and goals, we will research potential funders and work to narrow down possible matches for financial support.

Grant Proposal Process

  1. Idea Conception
    You have an idea for a project. Start brainstorming about your project to develop it further
  2. Intent to Seek Funding
    Once you have your idea for your project and all individuals on board faculty and staff submitting an application for externally sponsored grants and research are required to complete an Intent to Seek Funding Form.
  3. Funder Identification
    The grants team will work to identify sponsors who share your values.
  4. Pre-proposal Contact
    Once the grants team shares identified sponsors contact the sponsor to learn more about their funding priorities, funding levels and application procedures. Begin to analyze the sponsor.
  5. Writing the Proposal
    Proposals can take many forms, depending on the guidelines of the sponsor. Consider having a colleague read your proposal and give feedback.
  6. Submitting the Proposal
    A member of the grants team will go through your checklist with you to make sure you have included everything the sponsor requests, such as nonprofit status, resumes, audited financial statement and a list of the board of trustees. Once all supporting documents have been collected, the grants team will submit the grant.
  7. Funding Decision
    If the funding decision is positive, the grants team will hold a grant set-up meeting. If your proposal is declined, consider revising and resubmitting.

Applications for Federal Funding
The College’s Financial Conflict of Interest Policy for Federal Grants stipulates that faculty and staff applying for federal funding complete a Financial Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form.

College Policies
Financial Conflict of Interest Policy for Federal Grants
Misconduct of Scholarship and Research
Responsible Conduct of Research Training

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