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The Honors Program

Are you the one? With your eyes on the horizon, looking for the next challenge? With your hand in the air, unafraid to ask the hard question? With your mind open, creating connections with those around you?

If so, then you're the one we want in our Honors community.

Global Questions, Local Answers
The SNC Honors Program is here to help you put words into action for the benefit of yourself and society. Small classes encourage discussion and interaction. Select professors know more than just your name and grades: they know you. A specially designed curriculum emphasizes vocational preparation, integrated problem-solving, global awareness, and ethical leadership. And, most importantly, a diverse community of student-scholars will embrace you as you begin a new life of mindful engagement with the world around you.

Prospective Honors Students
We invite you to check out what the honors experience can offer you!

How the Program Works
Learn about the Program’s academic requirements and co-curricular opportunities.  

Honors Housing
All first-year Honors students live in Bergstrom Hall, expressing the importance of community.

Student Life
Leadership, research, travel, engagement! The Honors Program offers and supports a multitude of opportunities for students to expand their horizons, develop their interests, and find their passion. 

Why Join the SNC Honors Program?


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