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Program Overview

The Honors Program offers a unique curriculum designed to inspire and empower a lifetime of intellectual curiosity, local leadership, and global engagement. Students who have maintained a 3.5 GPA and completed all Honors Program requirements will receive the distinction of “Graduate of the Honors Program” printed on their diplomas, transcripts, and permanent records upon graduation. Honors Program requirements include the following.

Graduating with Honors (Beginning with the Class of 2026)

  • First Year Seminar (FYS) Honors sections of PHIL 120 and THRS 117
  • HONR 150 (Life at SNC) and HONR 301 (Life after SNC)
  • Two (2) Honors electives (e.g., Global Seminars, Honors practicums, Honors sections of Advanced Core courses, HONR 450)
  • Students may substitute one (1) non-Honors study abroad experience (Global Seminar, semester abroad, student teaching abroad, or Washington semester) for an Honors elective

Graduating with Honors (Classes of 2024 and 2025)

  • Honors 101 (Introduction to Honors)
  • Honors sections of PHIL 120 and THRS 117
  • Three (3) Honors electives (e.g., HONR 301, Global Seminars, Honors sections of Core courses, HONR 450)
  • Students may substitute an Honors tutorial, semester abroad, student teaching abroad, or the Washington Semester for up to two (2) electives

Any student, regardless of class, may use a maximum of one (1) non-Honors study abroad experience to fulfill Honors requirements

All Honors students may substitute a transcriptable, faculty-directed research project for one (1) Honors elective.

Priority Registration
Honors students receive priority registration, meaning they are able to register before other members of their class. Students' registration times reflect this benefit. Honors students in the same class may receive different registration times because of different number of credits earned (AP, transfer, etc.)

International Experiences
Honors students are encouraged to study abroad or participate in an international experience such as a global seminar. Both a semester abroad and a global seminar satisfy an honors course requirement.

Co-Curricular Activities and Events
Honors students have multiple opportunities to attend honors-specific events while at St. Norbert College. Events include an annual welcome picnic, All Honors Meetings, Life Raft!, Honors Student Advisory Board social events, lectures, annual trivia contests, and cohort-specific community building events.
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