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Student Honors Council

The Student Honors Council is governed by honors students who represent the views and interests of the honors students as a whole. It is made up of elected students who work closely with the director, support staff members, and honors faculty in support of numerous areas within the program. The council also plays an important role in the planning and coordination of all honors events.

The following students are the elected members of the honors council for the 2016-17 academic year:

  • President: Chaz Kestly, '18
  • Vice President: Chandler Brennan, '18 
  • Secretary: Tyler Butts, '18
  • Treasurer: Jack Eckelaert, '18
  • Senior Class Representative: Megan Hovell, '17
  • Junior Class Representative: Kelsey Motto, '18
  • Sophomore Class Representative: Sophia Larsen, '19
  • First-year Class Representative: Alyssa Higley, '20