Our honors students enjoy a rigorous, engaging and intellectually satisfying program.

Student Honors Council

The Student Honors Council is governed by honors students who represent the views and interests of the honors students as a whole. It is made up of interested honors students who work closely with the president and vice-president of the council to support the program and will play an important role in the planning and coordination of all Honors events. 

The Student Honors Council has been revamped to fit the needs of the growing honors program at St. Norbert College. Beginning Fall of 2015, students can volunteer to plan, support, and promote an event or activity that is of particular interest. Senior honors students Maggie Lottes (president) and Brea Schuett (vice-president/secretary) will lead the council in this new and exciting direction. 

Students can participate in any of the three groups/committees:

  • Social/Event Planning
  • Honors Service Project
  • Peer Mentoring Program (beginning Fall '15)
Please contact Maggie Lottes (maggie.lottes@snc.edu) or Brea Schuett (breanna.schuett@snc.edu) for addtional information or to volunteer!