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The Medical College of Wisconsin will have its own entrance and offices in the Gehl-Mulva Science Center, and will share laboratory and classroom space in the building.

New Partnership Extends Medical Education into the Regional Community of Northeast Wisconsin

The opportunity for shared space in the Gehl-Mulva Science Center is among the factors that will make possible a medical college presence on campus starting in 2015. As the nexus of a Medical College of Wisconsin program that will bring post-graduate medical education to northeast Wisconsin, St. Norbert joins an initiative that will address a projected shortage of community physicians in the state.

The new program, the result of a partnership between the two schools and other local institutions, will capitalize on resources offered at multiple Green-Bay area locations. What’s more, it will bring rich opportunity for:
  • Young people interested in pursuing the sciences at St. Norbert – especially those considering pre-health programs.
  • Students already enrolled at St. Norbert, who will see a wider range of collaborative opportunities during their undergraduate years – as well as the possibility of completing their medical education on the campus of their alma mater.
  • Local health professional education programs that will partner in the provision of clinical experiences, physician residency training programs, inter-professional training and clinical simulation centers.
  • Local health-care systems whose physicians will be engaged in the program.
  • Faculty in the sciences at local academic institutions – including St. Norbert – whose own research agendas may offer the chance for collaborative research with their medical college faculty and physicians.
  • The region’s prospective medical students, who will be able to complete their education locally for a significant savings in time and cost.
  • The people of northeast Wisconsin, who will ultimately benefit from an ongoing and robust system of accessible medical care.

March 27, 2013