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Experience the Open Road Like Never Before

The scene is like something out of a movie. Windows down, hair streaming, Springsteen’s “Born to Run” blasting through stereo speakers. The open road beckons you forward as you push onward, riding in an iconic Ford Mustang convertible – fire red, of course – not a care in all the world.

Well dream no more. With a quick log on to Facebook or Twitter, you too can join Beth Riebe ’04 and John Sabo ’07 (College Advancement) on the road as they travel more than 2,600 miles across the U.S. on the first ever “Alumni Road Trip.”

Making their way to the “SNC Western Open” at the Red Rocks Country Club in Denver, hosted by Mark Condon ’79, the pair will be live tweeting and posting their adventurous encounters. Along the way and back, they will make stops in seven cities across the Midwest, inviting alumni to join in, both physically and online.

“What better way for alumni to follow our happenings and updates?” says Jessica Jacques (Alumni & Parent Relations). “Now, finding out what is going on with the office of alumni and parent relations and the college as a whole is accessible in the palm of your hand. Social media has simply opened up a whole to new way for us to communicate with alumni and friends.”

In fact, it was this two-way use of social media and email that allowed the alumni office to pick the road trip destinations in the first place.

 “After we determined which cities we would be stopping in, we sent out an email to all of our alumni and parents asking for feedback on where to stop,” says Sabo. “The feedback was collected, and the stops for each city were then selected.”

Riebe and Sabo hope alumni following them will use Facebook, Twitter, and #SNCRoadTrip to take a more active role in the entire experience. Alumni are not only invited to attend any of the listed road trip events, but to suggest further stops and activities in the area. And who knows? Norby himself may also turn up in any of these spur-of-the-moment locations!

As for the uncertainties one often has to consider on a long trip, Sabo isn’t too worried. He welcomes the prospect of the unknown as a way to further engage alumni and friends of the college. 

“You never know what you are going to run into, who you are going to meet, and places you are going to see,” he says. “The entire trip really is exciting.”

July 9, 2014