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Being Norbertine

We share a 900-year long heritage infused with zeal, commitment, devout service and a loving spirit. When mission and heritage take such a living form on our campus, it's not hard to say we're Norbertine and we're proud of it! >>MORE

Play ballPlay Ball
The women who inspired “A League of Their Own” shared stories of their All-American Girls Professional Baseball League experience when they met up at this year’s Sport & Society in America conference on campus. >>MORE

New deansNew Deans Braced for Distinction
The first two dedicated schools on campus will be driven by excellence fueled by community partnership, say their founding deans. >>MORE

News of St. Norbert

Roads Less Traveled Take St. Norbert Alums to New Graduate School Options

As recent graduates move on to graduate school, some of them are finding different ways to experience this next chapter in their education.

Meet the Class of 2018

Each new class helps shape the college community, just as their St. Norbert experience shapes them. We are enjoying getting to know the Class of 2018. Allow us introduce you, too!

St. Norbert’s Only Hurler Joins the World’s Best at the Gaelic Games
With a hurley, a sliothar and 14 teammates, Colin Zuelzke ’17 meets Irish sporting history. >>MORE
Growing Interest Prompts New Research Possibilities
Lessons in regeneration learned from simple organisms may aid human medicine, says Ryan King, newly appointed to the biology faculty. >>MORE
Painting College History: An Interview With Carolyn Barnard
An artist’s enduring connection to the college bequeathed a series of iconic images. The painter herself, continues to work in her Green Bay studio. >>MORE
Housing Choices on Campus Knit Friends Together in Living Communities
Hats to keep the tiniest of heads warm; the environment; Big and Little Sisters; the college’s newest academic center: This year’s eight Theme Houses and the friends who have opted to live in them are dedicated to making a difference across a broad sphere of influence. >>MORE
ESL Protégés Flourish at St Norbert, Thanks to Friends on the Other Side of the World
A Vietnamese priest who streamed more than a dozen members of religious communities through the ESL Institute on campus is working to secure their higher educational opportunities in the U.S. >>MORE
Sports Complex Gets New Look, Science Building Phase Three Approved

Renovations to Mel Nicks and the JMS lecture halls will be completed within the coming year. >>MORE

Alumnae Use Talents to Brand $3 Billion Retailer

Seven St. Norbert graduates work in marketing and graphic design at Shopko corporate headquarters.

Mason Named Academic All-America of the Year
St. Norbert infielder is honored nationally for his performance on the field and in the classroom. >>MORE
Experience the Open Road As Never Before
Join in the first-ever SNC Road Trip from the comfort and convenience of your own home. >>MORE
Making a Living By Giving
Over three decades, Jeff Zahn has overseen the distribution of  $1.2 billion in financial aid; funds that support 97 percent of St. Norbert students on their college journey. >>MORE
Strong Line-Up Nets Records
Women’s tennis has been smashing records everywhere you look – and that’s just one more piece of good news in another great season for the Green Knights. >>MORE
Responding From the Seat of Wisdom
A churchman with an endearing if fusty prose style redolent of the 19th century, plus an exhaustive knowledge of the history of the college, is the breakout star of our monthly e-newsletter. >>MORE

Regular Features

President’s Message

President Tom Kunkel relishes the stream of influential and engaging speakers who cross our campus. They keep us entertained, informed and inspired. >>MORE

Personally Speaking/Keeping the Sabbath Well

“I find myself in the first days of that much-anticipated, much-envied, and perhaps misunderstood academic tradition: the sabbatical.” – Karen Park (Religious Studies) >>MORE


Brooches by the pre-eminent art deco artist Erté are among the gems of the college collection. And their current location on campus could not offer a more suitable example of form following function. >>MORE

Alumni Profile/Journey to Soho, Pathway to Africa

People collect different things: books and vinyl, stamps and baseball cards, for example. Donna Page ’61 collects pigments and clay: the raw materials for work that has made her a world-renowned restorer of African art. >>MORE