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What Does a Schneider MBA Student Look Like?

With the Schneider MBA program now into its second semester, we thought we’d take a look at the students who make up the classes of this inaugural year.

Of the 43 students who have begun the program, 74 percent are married and 60 percent are male. Their ages range from 24 to 53, with 30 percent in their 20s, 37 percent in their 30s, 26 percent in their 40s and 7 percent in their 50s. The majority, 65 percent, are following the straight Business track, with 23 percent focused on the Supply Chain & Manufacturing track and the remaining 12 percent in the Health-Care & Medical track.

Statistics may be interesting, but what about the people behind those numbers? We’ve profiled a cross-section of Schneider MBA students to see who they are and what they think of the program and their fellow classmates. You might discover that they look a lot like the person next door, or even the one in the mirror:

Jonny August, 26, Director of Quality Services, Orion Labels LLC
MBA for Supply Chain & Manufacturing
Why a Schneider MBA: Because of the impact I believe it will have on the community. Coming from a local, family-owned business, I felt SNC’s Schneider MBA had the most to offer. Not only will I receive a top-notch education, I will have the opportunity to engage and interact with other professionals from the community.
Most looking forward to: Call me crazy, but I really love to learn. I look forward to getting something out of every class that will help improve my professional development. That being said, I am also really looking forward to the relationships and friendships I will gain throughout the duration of the program.

Vaughn Bowles, 33, Product Manager/Personnel Manager, Seraphim Outfitter (startup)
MBA for Supply Chain & Manufacturing
Why a Schneider MBA: When I pursued my master’s in healthcare administration, my favorite classes were in personnel management and I really enjoyed the business aspects of it. I could also see the value in being a well-rounded individual, and appreciated the caliber of people at the school and how SNC worked with local businesses to make the program applicable. Plus it models to my children that you’re never too old to learn.
Like most about the program: I appreciate the ethical standards of the program, the values and the morals that the program is working to establish. There’s such a humanness to the program, and the professors are so down-to-earth. It’s a great resource for the community and I’ve already recommended it to about six different people.

Josephine Dobson Mann ’14, 40s, Managing Director, Blu Lune Unlimited (independent organic inspector)
MBA for Business
Why a Schneider MBA: I’d like to take the background and skills I’ve acquired by successfully working as a self-employed person over the past 20 years, and combine them with what I am learning in the MBA program to be an asset to our business community and to the Green Bay community more generally. On a more personal level, too, I would love to do something of significance in the business world. I want to set an example for my daughters: always strive to be better. What better way to show young girls that they can be strong leaders? It’s bigger than me, of course, but I can make a difference.
Biggest surprise so far: My fellow students: They are a diverse group, and I’ve learned the most this past semester from my discussions with them.

Shawn Hennessy, 42, Lead Pastor, Life Church Green Bay
MBA for Business
Why a Schneider MBA: I feel like the program will give me a deeper understanding of how business is conducted in northeast Wisconsin. I hope to build lasting working relationships with area business leaders of today and tomorrow.
Course most excited about: I’m really looking forward to taking Sports Marketing & Innovation. I feel like it will help me understand the Packers players who attend our weekly Bible study.

Courtney Lautenschlager, 27, Facility Designer, Schneider
MBA for Business
Why a Schneider MBA: I see a Schneider MBA helping me to leverage not only my previous education, but also my five-year working experience to catapult me to the next level. The professors are excellent and my classmates are engaging and diverse. I love the in-class discussions. This program is already helping me in so many ways to link my current work to business and finance decisions. The leadership courses of the program have been my favorite, and my intent is that it will help me achieve my aspiration of being a business leader.
About our classmates: Our group as a whole consists of varied and eclectic backgrounds that add an incredible amount of value to the program. To hear real-life examples and situations from peers in class discussions is engaging. We are a dynamic group, which creates the energy of our learning environment. We truly have the entire spectrum of students!

Doug Page, 53, President and CEO, Performa Inc.
MBA for Business
Why a Schneider MBA: It really came down to three factors – the close proximity to where I work and live; evening class offerings rather than weekends; and the caliber of the faculty, staff and administration at SNC.
Most interesting classmate: Shawn Hennessy … I find it incredibly interesting that the pastor of a very successful church is seeking his MBA. He has a real interesting background and, therefore, brings a unique perspective to the class and our discussions.

Feb. 2, 2016