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All Hands Served on Deck for a $311,370 Success Story

You did it!

Last Wednesday, more than 800 members of our community contributed $210,370 to the St. Norbert Fund, blowing out of the water our previous one-day record of $112,500 (set in November 2013).

With our matching donors adding their promised $101,000, the total topped out at $311,370.

At the start of April, we hinted something big was on the horizon for St. Norbert College, and when President Tom Kunkel (a.k.a. our captain) sent out the call for members of our community to get on board for All Hands on Deck Day, April 29, you didn’t disappoint – in fact, you made huge waves!

Students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents and friends of the college voiced their support for the college in person and via social media, on campus and around the world.

Current students – and Norby Knight! – stopped at the heart of campus to show their appreciation to donors and their enthusiasm for the nautically-themed props in front of Main Hall.

Behind the scenes, St. Norbert staff kept the day’s events rolling and stayed atop social media, encouraging our community to continue spreading the word. Some of our alumni even decided to make donations in person! The spirit of communio also revealed itself through your Facebook posts, tweets and Instagram photos.

Here’s what they had to say:

“My four years at St. Norbert College were the best years of my life, and the memories and friends I made will last a lifetime. I miss this place and the people every day. Thus, I’m happy to have donated to such a wonderful college and help future students experience the things I did.” – Amanda Sigl ’14 on Facebook

“@beckkn: Sporting green and gold and thinking of my alma mater today – all the way from Malawi! #allhandssnc” – Kaylee Beck ’13 on Instagram

“@ClaireWestlie: I don’t have a lot right now, but I gave what I could. #allhandsSNC @stnorbert giving.snc.edu much love and communio” – Claire Westlie ’14 on Twitter

“@alyssaengelman: I donated because SNC introduced me to the greatest people in the world. I want other people to have that opportunity. #allhandsSNC” – Alyssa Engelman ’13 on Twitter

“@lilschneller923: Thanks for the best four years of our lives @stnorbert #allhandsSNC” – Emily Schnell ’15 on Instagram

“For all St. Norbert gave my wife and I and the life-long friends that we’ve got from there, I’m happy to give back and donate to my alma mater today. I encourage my other alumni friends to do the same!” – Jim Healy ’06 on Facebook

Because of your passion for SNC, our first annual Giving Day made a convincing statement about who we are as a college community and our undying support for future students through the St. Norbert Fund.

And thanks to your generosity, we’re bringing home Campaign St. Norbert: Full Ahead with our biggest day of giving ever!

May 5, 2015