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It’s High Time to Enjoy Your Magazine Online

Jill Wiesman (Communications) shares some of the web-exclusive content featured in the Spring 2015 issue of St. Norbert College Magazine, available online.

As the Spring 2015 magazine looks at the magnitude of changes that this extraordinary year already has brought to campus, our online content explodes with color and sound. Enjoy multimedia offerings that help chronicle all that’s going on at St. Norbert College.

Another time
In Time Capsule Discovery Digs Deep into Campus History, we share the secrets buried in the cornerstone of St. Joseph Hall nearly 100 years ago.

Explore the work of our art faculty as you page through our virtual gallery of works from this year’s faculty art show – you may have missed it in real time, but it remains immortal online.

Experiencing other works of art in situ allows Bobby Maher ’06 to take Leav of current time and place.

In the present
In contention for national competition, the college’s first competitive powerlifter shares the story behind her drive to succeed. All Power to Her as Paige Bayer ’15 commits to her daily regime.

Wearing the green and gold comes naturally to our Green Knight – and Green Bay Packer – cheerleaders, even those with strong Chicago Bears alliances, like Lexy Kaminski ’17 of Wauconda, Ill. Find out more in In Good Cheer.

Moving In the Right Circles gives physics students yet one more reason to love the new Gehl-Mulva Science Center, regardless if their “lab” is underfoot of most. It wasn’t designed for that purpose, but the atrium of GMS provides the perfect space for an experiment in momentum.

What’s to come
Providing the lyrics to the official hymn for Pope Francis’ first visit to the United States takes writing by the Rev. Andrew Ciferni, O.Praem., ’64 to a new, wider and high-profile audience. Find out more in In Hymnody.

Dana Bald ’08 raised her hand to be the first applicant to St. Norbert’s newest MBA program. In St. Norbert College Alumna Returns for Her MBA, you can learn how she is looking forward to the challenge that awaits her.

Finally, we hope our new Big Picture feature will leave you in anticipation of the campus beauty we intend to deliver to your screen in future issues.

May 5, 2015