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Meet the Class of 2019

The Class of 2019 has not been on campus many weeks but already it is clear that they will make their mark on college history.

They are geographically and ethnically diverse

  • Students hail from the largest number of states to date. They come from Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio, Vermont, Virginia and Wisconsin. 
  • Of the 655 first-year students, 12 are international students.
  • This year’s first-year class has the highest percentage of ethnically diverse students in SNC history (64 students representing 10.6 percent of the incoming class).
  • 89% Caucasian
  • 3% Multiracial
  • 3% Hispanic
  • 1% Asian/Pacific Islander
  • 1% American Indian
  • 1% African-American

They are smart! 
Their academic profile is the highest in the history of the college.

  • They have an average high school GPA of 3.5. (73 have GPAs of 4.0 or higher. 76 have GPAs 3.9-3.99.)
  • Their average ACT score is 25. (68 scored 30 or higher).
  • 24 are high-school valedictorians; 3 are salutatorians.
  • 187 enter St. Norbert as Trustee Scholars.
  • 230 were in National Honor Societies; 8 were president of their NHS chapters.
  • 77 are enrolled in the SNC Honors Program.

They were Norbertine before they got here
They already embrace the breadth of experience fostered by our mission

They are service-minded:

  • 62 percent of incoming students were engaged in service opportunities throughout high school.
  • 62 participated in mission trips, 32 of whom traveled to different states and/or countries; 14 students have served on 3 or more mission trips.
  • 19 completed more then 100 service hours.
  • 1 volunteered more than 600 service hours.

They enjoy athletics: 

  • Almost one-third of students were captains of a varsity sport in high school.
  • 8 served as captains of three different sports.
  • 60 were All-Conference athletes in their sport.
  • 7 were All-Conference athletes in two different sports.
  • 15 were state champions.

They like a well-rounded experience:

  • 1 trained for a month with a professional soccer team in Brazil.
  • 101 were elected to student government, with 20 serving as class president.
  • 1 placed third in the World Irish Dance Competition.
  • 24 participated in Badger Boys/Girls State.
  • 1 was National American Miss Wisconsin Teen 2013.

Oct. 6, 2015