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The Library Meets Lambeau

An exclusive exhibit of Green Bay Packers memorabilia offers a glimpse of rare and infrequently displayed artifacts held by Lambeau Field’s Hall of Fame.

The selection highlights the historical scope of one of the most storied franchises in national football. There is plenty to engage fans and history buffs, from Vince Lombardi’s own hand-drawn plays to a display comparing the 1920s-style leather helmets with the molded polycarbonate designs worn today. 

Free and open to the public, the collection took joint effort between the Hall of Fame and Sally Cubitt, the Mulva Library’s own collection management coordinator and archivist. In fact, it was Cubitt’s own work archiving artifacts for the nonprofit Hall of Fame that paved the way for this significant display.

“It took some negotiation,” Cubitt says, “especially since [the Hall of Fame] had never loaned items to anyone except the Neville Museum. But since the college and the Packers have had such a long and close connection, it made sense.”

Other gems on show include Lombardi’s 1968 invitation to dine with Richard Nixon at the White House; Brett Favre’s 1994 signing contract; press clippings from numerous Super Bowl wins; player shoulder pads and cleats; referee paraphernalia and league trophies.       

The rarest item in the exhibit – and one that garners exclamations from visitors – is the jersey and uniform pants worn by Don Hutson between the years of 1935-45. Hutson spent his entire professional football career with the Packers and is widely considered one of the greatest wide receivers in NFL history, still holding several records to his name.

Cubitt hopes the success of Mulva’s exhibit will spur further compelling presentations. She says, “The library has rarely had the chance to host exhibits of this kind, so I was really excited to be able to do something special this fall.”

The collection will be on show at the Mulva through Oct. 31. At that date, items will be returned to their collective home at the newly renovated Hall of Fame at Lambeau Field.   

Oct. 6, 2015