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Hopes Resurface for a Riverfront Walkway Through Campus

A series of big and small initiatives along the Fox River are placing the concept of a continuous campus river walk within reach.

At this time, the initial concept is under discussion with Performa Inc., an architectural firm in De Pere, and with Miron Construction. But several other campus projects will need to be completed before work on a river walk can begin.

A new waterfront pathway open to both the campus community and wider public could conceivably connect all the way from the Claude Allouez Bridge to the Marsh Street circle outside Burke. 

Riverfront projects in hand this year and next include: 

Landscaping at the north end of campus Now that building work on Gehl-Mulva Science Center is complete, the surrounding area is accessible for planned landscaping to beautify the north side of campus.

Riverside and Vander Zanden Halls These apartment-style residence halls are due for demolition next summer, offering potential for both parking and landscaping. Patrick Wrenn (Facilities) explains, “The two dorms being taken down have both reached the end of their usable lives, physically and programmatically. The idea is to open up campus to the river so that it can be seen from the bridge and from the opposite side of the Fox.” 

Priory renovations The Norbertines are signing over to the college the priory building at the heart of campus. Wrenn says, “With the loss of the two student dorms nearby, this is a well-timed and generous gift. Much credit should be given to [the Norbertines] for their generosity.” Renovations scheduled for the coming academic year will make the dormitory wing ready for use as student housing from Fall 2016. Work will include retrofitting the premises with a new fire alarm and sprinkler system. 

Repairs and renovations at the southern end of campus A small fire this spring beneath the lower-level patio behind the Campus Center damaged the structural integrity of the concrete decking on the patio’s north end, necessitating work to replace it. Over at Burke Hall, the front steps are being replaced. Both projects are currently nearing completion. Once the work is done, Facilities will replace landscaping in the area.

July 7, 2015