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On and Off the Page: Your Multimedia Magazine

As the season turns to winter, now is the perfect time to curl up with the latest issue of the St. Norbert College Magazine. While we hope you’ll find lots of great information in the print issue, there’s plenty more online to both educate and entertain. Jill Wiesman (Office of Communications) takes us through the magazine online.

In its own good time
What do a local brewery, the chemistry discipline on campus and an 80-year-old bottle of beer have in common? Drink in our video coverage as our scientists decide whether or not to taste-test a timeworn temptation.

In pride of place
Our saints are on the move! Watch as Norbert of Xanten takes his rightful spot in the niche originally reserved for his statue on the facade of Main Hall.

In fashion
Can cardboard really be considered fashionable? Watch art students on the catwalk as they sport corrugated creations in their exploration of sustainable and ethical fashion.

In Wider conversation
Laurel Wider, founder and CEO of Wonder Crew, talks about the on-campus launch of a toy that is changing young boys’ world of play.

In the saddle
Our students annually participate in some 80,000 hours of service. See how, for some student equestrians, their “mane” goal is to do their “bit” to help others.

In recognition
Meet the 2016 Alumni Award Winners and learn more about the lives they share in service of the greater good.

In September
Nearly 20,000 people joined in the SNC Day fun. Revisit campus, virtually, to recall this glorious September day.

Enjoy! And, as always, let us know what you think!

The online magazine features all the material from our thrice-yearly print issue as well as a slate of web exclusives; new content is added regularly.

Dec. 6, 2016