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Four Years Later, Big Dreams Revisited

In the Fall 2012 issue of the St. Norbert College Magazine, we posed a question to an eager group of students arriving on the St. Norbert campus: What are your hopes and dreams for the next four years?

From learning to do laundry to becoming a leader, from graduating in four years to traveling the world – their dreams were filled with hope, excitement and a bit of anxiety about what their college years held.

Well, four years have passed since the Class of 2016 began on campus, so as they graduated, we couldn’t pass up the chance to ask if those years had lived up to their dreams, what they learned along the way and what they dream of next.

What they experienced
Olivia Koehn ’16: The past four years at St. Norbert have given me more opportunities than I ever could have imagined when I first arrived. I have been able to engage in undergraduate research and present my work, as well as participate in and lead several different service trips. I think that these experiences in particular have really affected how I see myself and my abilities. I know that I have become much more confident since entering St. Norbert and am so thankful for all of the people at St. Norbert who helped me throughout my journey.

Andrew Janquart ’16: I’m not the same person I was coming into SNC. Instead now I am me. SNC gave me the space to discover who I am as a person, what I stand for and what I will do in my lifetime. 

Emily Chandler ’16: My most distinct and profound experience would be the countless hours spent playing on the women’s ice hockey team. My four years as a Green Knight far surpassed anything I could have dreamt of.

Liz LeCaptain ’16: I am ready to take on any challenge that comes my way, which may include a full-time position, triathlons, community work and staying connected with the friends I have made here. I am sad to be leaving this beautiful place but St. Norbert has inspired me to leave and start my own original life.

Blair Westfahl ’16: The past four years greatly exceeded my dreams. The St. Norbert community has not only supported me during my college career, but more importantly, they have challenged me and pushed me to become something I didn’t know I could be. I am so thankful to have attended a school that taught me to believe in myself. 

What they learned
Meredith Pointer ’16: I learned to be humble. We come in as freshmen thinking we know all about life, but we had a lot to learn. I have loved the journey! 

Ben Nickulis ’16: Over the past four years here at St. Norbert College, I’ve learned that nothing that you desire comes without a cost, and hard work pays off.

Christina Joski ’16: My daughter has been my motivation and inspiration this whole time and I’ve learned so much about the lengths a parent will go to for a better life for their children. Going to school and being a mom isn’t easy, but the future I’ve worked for will be worth it.

Kyle Conniff  ’16: I’ve become far more considerate of others and their lives, and the differences and difficulties in the world. I think I’ve learned that there are more important things in life than being rich, famous and having the best job.

Erika Janke  ’16: I sometimes have to take a deep breath and remind myself that progress takes time. … There is no use stressing over something that cannot be fixed overnight, so sometimes you have to take a break, know you are good enough, and will be able to start again tomorrow!

Brenna Rathsack ’16: I’ve learned to make the most out of your time, no matter what you’re doing. Always go into new experiences with no questions left on the table and knowing that you gave everything a full effort.

Cody Schober ’16: I used to think that what I wanted to do was work in the office, stay productive all day and crank out projects. However, what I was really looking for was a feeling of contribution, of giving my time and effort to see something I care about become even better. 

What they dream of next
Brigette Hartges ’16: My magnified dream is to serve others and to equip them with what they need to expand their heart, mind and soul. 

Ashley Desotell ’16: I dream of learning how to become the best medical social worker I can be through my graduate program at the University of Michigan. I am thrilled to be immersing myself in a new educational community, where I will be able to learn valuable skills to reach my ultimate goal of helping vulnerable populations obtain necessary health resources.

Brad Boockmeier ’16: People leave as better thinkers, better learners, better workers and better individuals. … I was told a story a few years ago by a classmate about how a teacher and coach of theirs was the only reason they made it through high school after the passing of both of their parents. If I can have that great of an effect on a single student, my career will be a success.

Megan Santi ’16: Over my four years here, I have fallen in love with not only the campus, but the De Pere area as well. This is why I dream of teaching in the area and inspiring young minds in order to help make the world around us a better place.

Steph Kleckner ’16: I dream of getting a well-paid job that is related to my English major and creative-writing emphasis. I really want to work at the Hallmark Corporation or at the new Bucks stadium, as a writer. 

C.J. Lewis ’16: I dream of becoming a software developer or software engineer for a company. I am also a cross-country and track athlete at St. Norbert College and that is not something that I can just give up after I graduate. Therefore I will be training for all sorts of road races and even a marathon in the near future. 

Erin Knipp ’16: I hope to find a job teaching and working with children every day as well as continue the efforts of my non-profit organization – Cold Hands, Warm Hearts – in some capacity. Maybe in the future, life will take me different places and my service will look quite different. Regardless, people are my passion, the world is my canvas and I will work to create something beautiful in some way.

Brianna Lindow ’16: I dream of excelling at the accounting firm I’ll be working at, and receiving certification in public accounting (CPA) within the next year.

Alesia Staskiewicz ’16: My dream for the future is to make it back to Europe for a year or two, either teaching English or pursuing a graduate degree. I am looking forward to gaining teaching experience over the next year or two, and then being able to apply as many aspects of that experience as possible abroad, where I left my heart after studying abroad in France and Spain last year. Though I’m not entirely sure where life will take me next, St. Norbert has given me the tools to be able to go out into the world and succeed wherever I go.

Madi Murray ’16: I dream of inspiring my students to become unapologetically themselves, the way many of my professors have inspired me.

June 7, 2016