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There’s Plenty More to Read!

If you enjoy a good read, the spring issue of your college magazine offers plenty of options – and not just in print. This latest issue is particularly strong in web-exclusive good reads.

In America
A think-piece by Maggie McConnaha ’18 saw national publication when the Catholic magazine America picked up her People of the Street. This extraordinary and beautifully written essay grew out of a humanities course the sophomore took in her first year at St. Norbert. The course, taught by the Rev. Jim Neilson, O.Praem., ’88, examined the intersection of faith, art, beauty and community. 

In Vietnam
A Different Face of War: Memories of a Medical Service Corps Officer in Vietnam, the new book by Jim Van Straten ’55, is drawn from 352 letters he wrote to his wife while deployed in Vietnam, 1966-67. Our excerpt makes for compelling reading: It recounts a chance encounter between Van Straten and Maj. Joe Lutz ’55 in Saigon. 

By the way, the Vietnam era – and the student protests of those years – are the subject of another feature in this issue. Check out this recent recreation of an image of protest on our own campus.

In literary circles
Liam Callanan, author of “The Cloud Atlas,” says a new novel by Scott Winkler ’93 “feels lived and lived in, which is the highest compliment I can give a novel.” By day, Winkler teaches English at Luxemburg-Casco High School. Nights, weekends and any other time he can manage, he’s tapping away on his laptop. He is addicted to words.  

In case you missed it
While you’re online, take one more look at our spring issue. Among recent updates, we recommend our photo gallery of spring blossom on campus. And, if March Madness did not sate your appetite for great college basketball, there’s video of a St. Norbert buzzer beater you just shouldn’t miss; it made ESPN’s Top 10! 

Enjoy! And, as always, let us know what you think!

April 5, 2016