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Treasure/1910-11 College Catalog

1910-11 College Catalog pageEvery issue, we invite one member of the college community to share their delight in an object found on campus. Here Eileen Jahnke, vice president of business and finance, speaks to one of the first college catalogs. Given her role on campus, Jahnke's eye was immediately drawn to the page that meticulously catalogued the expenses that those pioneering students might expect to incur.

I love the picture! This dormitory would have been in Main Hall – which would have been only eight years old. I wonder where they put their clothes? It’s interesting to compare to our current housing. Now our students sometimes arrive with a U-Haul!

I wonder what the students of 1910 expected by way of amenities? I wonder if they were dealing with questions of access and affordability even then? (That’s a huge front-and-center for us today: How can we make St. Norbert affordable to each and every student?) Clearly there was a concern about how much it cost, because they were listing the fees. Everything is relative, so of course I wanted to find out what a loaf of bread cost in 1910 (5 cents) and what the average hourly wage was (22 cents)! Even then there was clearly a value set on education.

March 17, 2019