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Milestone for a Diverse Campus

Students of color entering St. Norbert make up more than 15 percent of the incoming class for the first time in college history. In fact, 16.4 percent of first-years now identify as part of this cohort. The statistic is no accidental piece of data: It’s the result of years of commitment toward greater diversity on campus.

All this comes at a pivotal moment. The ongoing campus conversation on racial injustice has gained increasing urgency as protest around racial injustice grows across the country. The college has partnered in innovative programming on white privilege and anti-racism. SNC has added a program coordinator for Black student support, and this summer saw the appointment of John Miller (Academic Affairs) to a new deanship that anchors diversity in curriculum.

At a time when the college is uniquely positioned to further its work on equity, diversity and inclusion, it’s especially exciting to see these enrollment figures says Ed Lamm, vice president of enrollment management and communications. Lamm and his executive director of admission, Mark Selin, have been working to raise the percentage of students of color for some years. Selin says, “Our goal isn’t just to see students in the front door. It’s to see them walk across the stage in four years and receive that diploma from President Bruess.”

Student tour guide Marquise Weatherall ’22 has joined the effort: “I’ve seen people of color increase across all different areas – sports, music, jobs, in the classroom; and all around campus. It’s really awesome just to see that. That’s one thing I’m always excited to share, especially with my story, me being an African- American from Chicago, Illinois.”

St. Norbert College currently appears at number 40 among Top Performers on Social Mobility for National Liberal Arts Colleges. The college, like its students, is on the move: this key indicator, aligned with St. Norbert’s missional priorities to make education accessible to the under-served, is up from 92 two years ago. (The Top Performers on Social Mobility index is published by U.S. News & World Report. The magazine's 2022 rankings cited were released in September.) 

Selin says it’s time to set bigger goals. Miller agrees. The opportunity here at St. Norbert is unique, he says: “What an inviting space, naturally! Can we do things to make our beautiful space as inviting to others to join our community as it is to us?” The new dean seeks more than a number based simply on race. He looks forward to greater diversity in terms of perspective, learning, sharing … enjoying.

Meet the new class
The incoming Class of 2025, 584 students strong, is among SNC’s most academically and athletically outstanding, and draws from 23 states – a new record.

  • 25 is the average ACT score (45 students scored a 30 or higher)
  • 23 students were high-school valedictorians
  • 200 took AP courses
  • 181 were inducted into the National Honor Society

Nov. 5, 2021