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Grading System and Grading Policies

Grading System
The St. Norbert College grading system is as follows:

Grade Quality Definition Points
A Excellent performance 4.0
AB 3.5
B Good performance, high pass 3.0
BC 2.5
C Satisfactory performance, pass 2.0
CD 1.5
D Marginal performance, pass 1.0
F Fail 0.00
WF Withdraw failing 0.00
P Pass
S Satisfactory work, “C” level
U Unsatisfactory work
W Withdrew
I Incomplete
CT Continuing course
AU Audit
NR Not reported
IP In progress
AW Awarded credit
T/TR Transfer credit
NT Not transferable, study abroad below “C”

All grades are entered on the student’s permanent record. No grade may be changed after one year from the date the grade is originally given.

The grading system at St. Norbert College is based on the assumption that a student either receives credit or does not receive credit for work undertaken. Credit can be earned for the same or equivalent course of study only once. The quality of a student’s work is expressed in grades and grade points. A 4.00 grade point system is used under which a student earns grade points for each course successfully completed. If credit is denied, the marks of “F,” “W,” “WF,” “U,” “NT,” “NR” or “I” are shown next to the work undertaken. If credit is earned a range in evaluation from A to D and S is given to denote the quality of the work done. Grades in all courses attempted at St. Norbert College shall be computed in the grade point average except those courses evaluated “W,” “I,” “NR,” “IP,” “AU,” “S,” “U,” or “CT.” “NT,” “S” and “U” credits attempted are calculated into total credits attempted for satisfactory academic progress determination. A grade of “S” = “Satisfactory” indicates satisfactory performance and is not calculated into the GPA. Master’s Thesis and Advocacy Projects are to be graded on a Satisfactory (“S”) or Unsatisfactory (“U”) basis in which “S” equates to work meeting program requirements in all areas of evaluation as determined by the readers and a “U” as work that does not meet minimal requirements in one or more areas of evaluation.

Mid-Term Performance Evaluation
To assist students in the evaluation of their performance during each academic semester, the college has implemented a mid-term performance evaluation program in which students are informed of marginal or failing work in any given course at mid-semester. A copy of the report is sent to the student’s academic advisor as well.

Incomplete Grades
The designation of “Incomplete” is used when a student has not completed some work or the final examination for a serious reason beyond his or her control. The work must be completed and a grade received by the registrar within five weeks after the beginning of the following semester or the “Incomplete” will automatically become a “Failure.” In rare cases, faculty may request and the registrar may approve the extension of the five-week due date up to the last class day of the current session.

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