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Refunds for Credit Balances

When a student has a credit or overpayment on their student account, the student has options on how to handle this credit.

1. Direct Deposit/Paper Check Refund

Students may request a refund of a credit balance by signing into Knightline and completing the Refund Request Form which can be found under the Student Account Services menu. Please note that refunds are issued starting the 2nd week of the semester. For students on semester-long study abroad programs, refunds are issued the second week of your official program start date. Credit balance refund requests submitted prior to 4 PM on Tuesday will be processed Friday.

2. Reduce Loan Obligation (credit will be returned back to your loan to reduce amount owed). 

If you choose this option you MUST send an email from your SNC email account to financialaid@snc.edu to request the return. Please include in the email Student ID number, name, the amount to be returned and to which loan you would like the funds returned to.

3. Keep on your student account for future charges, if applicable.

No action is required for this option. The credit will remain on your student account and be applied toward any future charges.

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