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Student Account Services Documents

The following documents are available for download:

Undergraduate Student Payment and Disclosure Agreement (PDF)
Undergraduate Student Payment and Disclosure Agreement (Electronic signature)
This signed document is an enrollment requirement, as well as a requirement of the Federal Truth-in-Lending Act for all incoming students. Noncompliance with this requirement may prevent matriculating and/or registration privileges. The student must complete his/her portion of the agreement. If the student is claimed as a dependent for the purpose of tax filing, the Parent or Guardian information is also required. Since students are granted open charging privileges, this agreement outlines the student's rights as a borrower and the college's rights as a lender. The Payment and Disclosure Agreement states that the student will assume responsibility for charges accrued during his/her time at St. Norbert College.

Graduate Student Payment and Disclosure Agreement (PDF)
Graduate Student Payment and Disclosure Agreement (Electronic signature)
This document is required of all students enrolled in a Masters program at the college. It is an enrollment requirement and must be completed for purposes of federal regulations.

Registration Financial Agreement (PDF)
This document explains important information about your financial responsibility for your education at St. Norbert College. When registering for classes you are accepting each term herein and understand the legal implications and obligations as stated on this agreement.

1098-T Opt Out Form_(PDF)
This document is required if you wish to opt out of receiving an electronic 1098-T Tax Statement and instead will receive a paper copy. This form is required for every tax year you wish to opt out of. 

For more information regarding any of these documents, please contact Student Account Services at 1-800-597-3922 or email studentaccounts@snc.edu.

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