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Survivor Support Groups

St. Norbert College's on campus support group provides a space for students to give and receive emotional support, understanding and encouragement.

Students can attend sessions consecutively or come as their schedule allows. No registration is required for these groups.

Survivors are welcome to bring support individuals, as needed. Attendance or participation in these meetings does not denote disclosure of survivor status.

Survivors Support Group
This group will focus on healthy relationships, healing and support for those those who have experienced intimate partner violence and/or family violence

When:   Every other Wednesday, 1:00 - 2:00 p.m.

Where:  Todd Wehr Hall, Room 228

About the Facilitator:   This group will be facilitated by an advocate from the Golden House, 920-435-0100.

Survivors Circle (meetings have been canceled)
A support group for those who have experienced sexual assault, unwanted sexual contact or harassment has been canceled at this time due to attendance issues.

For more information about either group, or for help finding additional support, please contact Marie Billie at 

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