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Sexual Misconduct and Title IX Resources for Students

Students, to get started, select an option below: 

Healthy Relationships and Consent

Review characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships and resources for questions.

Policy, Procedures, Information

Explore St. Norbert policies, documents and learning materials related to sexual harassment and discrimination. 

Pregnancy and Parenting

Learn about support options and resources both on and off campus.

Reporting an Incident

Report harassment, discrimination or retaliation you've experienced or witnessed. Information on student workers as mandatory reporting is included here.

Someone may have accused me of Sexual Misconduct

Understand what happens if you are accused of sexual misconduct. Links to policies and contact information for those who can answer any additional questions you might have.
Someone May Have Reported me as a Victim   Learn about reporting processes in place for potential sexual harassment or discrimination. This will provide you with resources to help answer additional questions.
Support Resources and Groups Find information on various sources of both on-campus and off-campus support for anyone involved in an incident. Includes information on survivor support groups and confidential resources.
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