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The Killeen Chair of Theology and Philosophy Lecture Series

Climate Justice
As the earth’s climate continues to undergo rapid and unprecedented changes as the result of human activity, issues of climate justice become more urgent with every passing year. Every region of the globe is already affected by climate change, but the most devastating effects to come are expected to impact those regions and peoples who have been historically most marginalized, disadvantaged, and excluded from power. In light of this, how do the responsibilities and obligations for addressing climate change vary between nations? What can be done to ensure that the costs of mitigating climate disasters are distributed more justly? What responses are fitting to the realities and necessities of migration in light of climate change and ecological disasters? And what new ethical issues should we expect to encounter in the coming years and decades as the world continues to warm? These questions are close to the heart of St. Norbert College’s mission to seek peace, respond to global needs, and embody radical hospitality after the model of St. Norbert.

2022-23 Killeen Chair Lecture Series

September-more details to come

Killeen Chair Lecture Special Event
Martha Nussbaum, Ph.D., Ernst Freund Distinguished Service Professor of Law and Ethics, University of Chicago Law School
Martha Nussbaum

October-more details to come

Stephen Gardiner, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy and Ben Rabinowitz Endowed Professor of Human Dimensions of the Environment/Director, Program on Ethics

February-more details to come

Catherine Keller, Ph.D., Professor of Constructive Theology

April-more details to come

Ellen David, Ph.D., Professor of Bible and Practical Theology


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