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St. Norbert Stories to Share With the Whole World

We can’t fit all the good stuff into each new issue of St. Norbert College Magazine that lands in your mailbox, but luckily there’s room at snc.edu/magazine for plenty of online exclusives. Here’s a sampling to whet your appetite.

Tell Me a Story
rally studentsWhat would happen if you were given the chance to sit down with a friend, a coworker, a professor, a classmate or an alum and just share stories for an hour?

No distractions.
No expectations.
No divisive discourse.

Just a simple way for you to listen to a piece of someone’s history, or recount a piece of your own.

Sure, talking is something we do all the time. We talk to our parents on the phone or to our family at get-togethers. We talk to our friends by tagging them on Facebook or snapping a funny filter on Snapchat. We even talk about deeper topics with our professors and classmates in Boyle Hall. But those conversations can include a glance at our phone to answer a quick text, being distracted by Netflix on the nearest device or just thinking about how we’ll respond when there’s a moment of dead air.

We crave meaningful conversation, but it tends to sit outside of our regular routine more often than not.

But, it’s making a resurgence at St. Norbert College through a partnership with StoryCorps, the oral history project that has touched hearts through the NPR podcast series – as well as through the treasure house of interviews available at the college’s own storycorps.org site. Read more

In silence
Colleen Mandell ’18 recalls the silent retreat that she and her classmates made at St. Norbert Abbey as part of their Christian Mysticism course. Read more

In sand
Our timelapse video captures the weeklong process of creating a sand mandala on campus. The sacred cosmogram was the ephemeral work of Tibetan monks visiting from the Drepung Loseling Monastery in India. Watch the video

“The Class of 2018 is inimitable: so good, it could never be copied. We are originals!” – Maggie McConnaha ’18  Read more

In retrospect
The Rev. Andrew Ciferni ’64 of Daylesford Abbey looks back as he concludes his five-year term as director of the Center for Norbertine Studies. Watch the video

July 3, 2018