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Our incoming first-years are dedicated, ambitious and generous – just one glance at this academically gifted new cohort makes it clear they’re already changing the world for the better.

Meet the Class of 2023

The 550 first-year students in the incoming Class of 2023 are dedicated, ambitious and generous – just one glance at their pre-college accomplishments makes it clear they’re already changing the world for the better. They’re school-smart, too – we can’t wait to see what they achieve during their time here!

Our annual snapshot of our newest class reveals that:

They strive for academic excellence

  • The average GPA for the class of 2023 is 3.6; 65 earned a 4.0 or higher and 77 were between 3.9 and 3.99
  • The average ACT score is 25; 51 of our new students scored a 30 or higher
  • 11 were class valedictorians
  • They earned more than $6 million in academic merit scholarships and awards
  • 176 are members of the National Honor Society
  • They completed 1,027 AP classes

They’re not afraid to take the lead

  • 16 are Badger Girls or Badger Boys
  • 1 is the first person to become a Distributive Education Clubs of America state officer in their home town
  • 4 started a new club in high school
  • 3 were class presidents
  • 1 established a junior board for MidAmerica Service Dogs’ Foundation and trains service dogs for the disabled

They don’t shy away from new experiences

  • 1 spent a gap year in the UK
  • 296 have taken three or more years of a foreign language
  • 1 spent a gap year in Ireland
  • 50 belong to a language honor society

They love athletics – and they give it their all

  • 449 participated in high school sports
  • 44 were all-conference athletes; 13 were all-conference in two different sports
  • 20 were state champions
  • 71 were selected as captain of a varsity sport, with 13 serving as captain of two different sports

They’re committed to helping others

  • They completed more than 2,500 hours of service
  • 389 participated in an on-campus or community service group
  • 5 are Eagle Scouts
  • 45 participated in mission trips in 22 different states and eight different countries

They have a wide range of talents and interests

  • 5 coached dance
  • 1 is an assistant martial arts instructor
  • 1 is a published author
  • 1 is a trained EMT and firefighter
  • 1 plays 11 instruments

Sept. 10, 2019