As a Catholic liberal arts college, we continue to embrace the Norbertine ideal of communio in hopes to foster intellectual, spiritual and personal development within the campus community.

Mission Statement

St. Norbert College, a Catholic liberal arts college embracing the Norbertine ideal of communio, provides an educational environment that fosters intellectual, spiritual and personal development. 

St. Norbert College Traditions

As an academic institution, our community is rooted in the Norbertine ideal of communio, which is characterized by mutual esteem, trust, sincerity, faith and responsibility. Communio is lived through open dialogue, communication, consultation and collaboration. Communio encourages us to respond individually and collectively to the needs of our local and global communities. 

Historically, the earliest Christians described the distinct quality of their common life as communio – a life characterized by faith in Jesus Christ and a commitment to one another. St. Norbert of Xanten later reformed Catholic life by establishing a new order that reflected this ideal. 

Today St. Norbert College, formed in the Catholic, liberal arts and Norbertine traditions, embodies Norbert’s ideal of communio by embracing all people while maintaining its own identity. When pursued through the lens of communio, our mission challenges us to educate the whole person intellectually, spiritually and personally by engaging … 

the Catholic intellectual tradition, which calls us to
  • Seek truth through an ongoing dialogue between faith and reason 
  • Recognize the sacred dignity of all persons 
  • Utilize knowledge in working toward a Gospel vision of justice 
  • Affirm the goodness encountered in creation and culture
  • Scrutinize reality in an effort to add to the treasury of human wisdom 
the liberal arts tradition, which calls us to:
  • Cultivate a love of lifelong learning through excellence in teaching 
  • Understand diverse cultures, perspectives and beliefs 
  • Collaborate with others to gain knowledge, solve problems and seek truth 
  • Communicate to seek mutual understanding 
  • Share our intellect and abilities to create a compassionate world community 
the Norbertine tradition, which calls us to:
  • Fulfill our vocation by embodying Christ’s example of loving service 
  • Seek peace and reconciliation in the spirit of St. Norbert 
  • Pray and reflect communally and individually, welcoming all to participate
  • Practice hospitality in the spirit of the Gospel and the Rule of St. Augustine
  • Respond to the needs of our local community 
Our three core traditions promote student learning outcomes that include skill development in critical and analytical thought, quantification, synthesis, problem solving and communication. Our students learn to apply these skills as responsible citizens of a diverse, interdependent and changing world. In all aspects of campus life, students are encouraged to identify, test and strengthen their moral convictions; act with personal integrity; develop meaningful personal goals; and build relationships based on mutual respect.