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Modern Languages and Literatures Placement Score Key

Score Spanish Course Placement French Course Placement German Course Placement
0-149 SPAN 101 FREN 101 GERM 101
150-349 SPAN 102 FREN 102 GERM 102
350-499* SPAN 203* FREN 203* GERM 203*
500-599* SPAN 204* FREN 204* GERM 204*
600+* SPAN 300* FREN 305* GERM 375*

* Foreign Language Placement Test scores above 349 qualifies as having fulfilled the General Education / Core Curriculum Second Language Proficiency Requirement for graduation.

Students having fulfilled the second language requirement are encouraged to continue with their language study by taking a few courses, earning a Language Certificate (completing through the 204 level with a 3.00 "B" average in their language courses, a minor or a major. In addition, students not having received credit previously or attempted a college level language course are eligible for up to 2 courses (8 credits) of awarded retroactive credit by earning a "B" in their first language course at St. Norbert College.

Test scores above 349 on the placement exam in Russian and Chinese will also result in fulfilling the Second Language Requirement but is not use in course placement as these two languages are not presently taught at St. Norbert College.

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