As a four-year residential college, St. Norbert strives to provide students with a variety of options for quality living on campus.

Housing Costs for the 2014-15 Academic Year

View complete 2014-15 academic year costs including: tuition, student fees, housing costs and meal plan costs on the Bursar Office website.

Residence Hall Room Type
Academic Year Rate
Bergstrom Double $4,638
Burke Single
Large Double
Lorraine Double
End Room 
Madelaine Double
End Room
Mary Minahan McCormick
Double $5,123
Sensenbrenner Double
Victor McCormick



Apartments, Townhouses & College Houses Room Type
Year Rate
Utility Information 
Gries Hall1
Single $6,120 Included
Prémontré and Xanten Apartments2
1 Bedroom
2 Bedrooms 
Carriage House Apartments

2 Bedroom Double
1 Bedroom Double



College Houses



Costs by house

$45/student per month3
Convent Single $5,866  Included
Rectory Single
Riverside Apartments Double $5,190  Included
Townhouses Double $5,782  Included
Vander Zanden Apartments Double $4,878  Included

Academic year rate is $6,120 and a summer rate of $1,097. Students will be billed $3,060 per semester and $1,097 for the summer for those that have the 11 1/2 month leases.

2Academic year rate is $6,120 (one bedroom) and $5,544 (two bedroom) with a summer rate of $914. 11 month leases only. Students will be billed $3,060 (one bedroom) or $2,772 (two bedroom) for the semester and $914 for the summer. 

*Other limited room options have rates based on size and/or additional accommodations provided to the student. Contact Residential Education and Housing at 920-403-3360 regarding available alternative summer housing.

3Utility costs reflect average monthly historical data based on full occupancy of the housing unit. The total charge for each housing unit is equally divided among the students residing in the housing unit for that specific month, and charged to the students’ accounts on a monthly basis. Please note that the rates will vary by month (higher in cold months, depending on heat/electrical usage, etc.).

Residence hall facilities and meals are available for each of the 3-week sessions and 5-week session in the summer. A housing deposit is required from students who do not have a current deposit on file.

For information concerning campus housing please call 920-403-3360, email or write:

Residential Education and Housing
100 Grant Street
De Pere, WI 54115-2099.

For more detailed descriptions of various residence halls, please see our list of living options.