Wondering who's honored in bronze? Meet Norbert of Xanten – the man who founded the order of priests called the Norbertines, or Premonstratensians. A proponent of peace, reconciliation and action, Norbert laid out a set of principles by which, today, the St. Norbert College community strives to live.

Our History. Your Future.

As one of the nation’s top Catholic liberal arts colleges, St. Norbert enjoys a proud history and a foundation rooted in tradition. When Norbert of Xanten founded the Norbertine order of priests in the 12th century, he could little have imagined the impact his life and mission would have on the world nearly nine centuries later. Today, at St. Norbert College, the spirit of Norbert lives through this modern, bustling riverfront community dedicated to transforming and empowering a new generation of world-changers.

The Spirit & Tradition of Communio
Just as Norbert invited others to join him in the pursuits of mutual esteem, trust, sincerity, faith and responsibility, we invite you to join us.

The word for the deep sense of community you find here at St. Norbert is communio. It is lived through open dialogue, consultation and collaboration. Communio encourages us to respond individually and collectively to the needs of our local and global communities.

At St. Norbert College, you will hear the word communio quite often, but it is our greater hope that you will experience it every day.

Catholic. Liberal Arts. Norbertine.
We invite you to join us in pursuing and living the three core traditions that form our mission to the world:
  • The Catholic intellectual tradition, which calls us to:
    • Seek truth through an ongoing dialogue between faith and reason.
    • Recognize the sacred dignity of all persons.
    • Utilize knowledge in working toward a Gospel vision of justice.
    • Affirm the goodness encountered in creation and culture.
    • Scrutinize reality in an effort to add to the treasury of human wisdom.
  • The liberal arts tradition, which calls us to:
    • Cultivate a love of lifelong learning through excellence in teaching.
    • Understand diverse cultures, perspectives and beliefs.
    • Collaborate with others to gain knowledge, solve problems and seek truth.
    • Communicate to seek mutual understanding.
    • Share our intellect and abilities to create a compassionate world community.
  • The Norbertine tradition, which calls us to:
    • Fulfill our vocation by embodying Christ’s example of loving service.
    • Seek peace and reconciliation in the spirit of St. Norbert.
    • Pray and reflect communally and individually, welcoming all to participate.
    • Practice hospitality in the spirit of the Gospel and the Rule of St. Augustine.
    • Respond to the needs of our local community.
Our Motto
Docere Verbo et Exemplo – To Teach by Word and Example