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November 2009


Dear Abbot Pennings,

What are the most popular items at the caf nowadays? Chicken Caesar salad night and Pizza Hut night were always a hit when I was a student.

Kat (Kilok) Herald ’07


Dear Kat,

Ah yes … the delicious aromas at the caf are certainly always tantalizing to the taste buds! With the many fine options served at the cafeteria, our campus family is certain to find something to enjoy every trip!

Our very talented Chef Dan informs me that, according to our students, the top selections served include:

• the SNC chicken potato bowl
• crusted chicken Romano
• chicken Caesar pasta
• the make-it-yourself items at the taco/nacho and burger bars

Would you like to know what other items are being served? Thanks to these marvelous modern means you can see the menu items online. Should you ever desire to come back to campus for a meal or two, please be sure to come visit me afterwards in my new home in the Mulva lobby and let me know how you enjoyed it.

Responses to “Ask the Abbot” questions are penned by St. Norbert College staff in the name of Abbot Bernard Pennings, O.Praem., who founded St. Norbert College in 1898.

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