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On-Campus Recruiting Program

The Career & Professional Development office can help you manage your on-campus recruiting efforts. On-campus interviewing is facilitated via our Hire a Knight database. Interviews will only be scheduled when classes are in session. Set up your schedule four weeks in advance to allow for greater publicity and candidate cultivation.

Steps to Arrange an On-Campus Interview

  1. Before setting up an on-campus interview schedule, the open position(s) must first be posted on Hire a Knight.
  2. Click the “On-Campus Interview Schedules” tab.
  3. Choose “Submit New Schedule Request.”
  4. Schedule Type:  
    A. Open: Students who meet the requirements can sign up for an interview time slot.
    B. Preselect: Students who meet the requirements of the job that is linked to the schedule can submit an interview request. Once the deadline is reached, employers review interview requests and make decisions on all interview candidates. Accepted candidates must wait to sign up for an interview until the sign-up date is reached.
    C. Preselect (PRS) Continuous: Students who meet the requirements can submit an interview request. The employer reviews interview requests and makes interview decisions on an on-going basis. Students can sign up as soon as an interview decision has been made for their interview request.
  5. Complete all required information and click “Save” when finished.
  6. Your schedule will be in pending status until it is approved by our office; please allow two business days. Once your schedule is approved, students will be able to begin viewing and/or signing up for your schedule.

Steps to View an Interview Session (Time slots)

  • Click “Schedule List” from the “Schedules” tab.
  • Click on the schedule ID number to view the schedule.
  • In the “Sessions” section, click the interview date of the session you wish to view.

Steps to View Preselect Activity

  • Click “Schedule List” from the “Schedules” tab.
  • Click on the schedule ID number to view the schedule.
  • Under “Page Functions” (on left), click “Manage Preselects” to see the students who have submitted a request to be interviewed.

Steps to Submit Preselect Picks

  • You will receive an email notification letting you know when to submit preselect picks.
  • Follow the steps in the “View Preselect Activity” section above.
  • For each student on the list, select “Accepted” or “Not Accepted.” Accepted students will be able to sign up for available time slots. Not Accepted students will not be allowed to sign up for an interview. Students will receive an email notification letting them know their interview status.
  • After completing your picks, click “Save Picks.”  

How to Get More Students to Sign Up on Your Interview Schedule

  • Conduct a student search and create an electronic résumé packet of qualified candidates. See Hire a Knight Employer Guide (PDF)e for instructions. 
  • Proactively reach out to qualified candidates to invite them to interview.
  • Post a comment on the Career & Professional Development Facebook page.
  • Post a discussion on the St. Norbert College – Alumni and Friends LinkedIn group.
  • Hold your own on-campus visibility table.
  • Post an ad in the school newspaper, the St. Norbert Times.
  • Establish an “open” schedule instead of a “pre-select” schedule, but continue to call and/or email students to invite them to sign up.
  • Attend career fairs that are held at St. Norbert prior to your interview date. Being on-campus often and having a strong presence can make a difference. Use the career fair to market your opportunity and/or to sign up students for your interview schedule.
  • Reconsider GPA minimum if your company has a GPA policy.
  • If you are not experiencing the number of candidates you would like after exhausting the above suggestions, please contact the Career & Professional Development office and we will be happy to assist you.
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