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Intergroup Dialogue and Equity Cohort

The Cassandra Voss Center is sponsoring its third installation of the Intergroup Dialogue and Equity Faculty Learning Cohort for the 2022-23 academic year. This enriching faculty development opportunity will provide participants with opportunities to increase knowledge around social inequalities, to deepen their pedagogical skill sets leading intergroup dialogue, and to infuse their work with best practices in equity scholarship. 

This cohort will:
- Meet monthly throughout the 2022-23 academic year to discuss classroom issues related to dialogue and equity.
- Prepare to integrate intergroup dialogue and discipline-related equity scholarship and pedagogy into a 2023-24 course; OR develop a piece of original scholarship that is related to dialogue and equity; OR develop a proposal for integrating equity and dialogue work into one of the high impact practices.

Faculty will participate in social justice education discussions that blend theory and experiential learning to facilitate students’ learning about social group identity, social inequality, and intergroup relations.

This learning cohort will be an opportunity to engage with each other and to build community here at St. Norbert College. If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Bridget Burke Ravizza, Olive Branch Initiative Coordinator at the Cassandra Voss Center.

Who: St. Norbert College Faculty
What: Intergroup Dialogue and Equity Faculty Learning Cohort
When: Monthly meetings during ‘22-23 academic year.
Where: St. Norbert College Cassandra Voss Center
Honorarium: Participants will be awarded a $1000 honorarium, split into two payments at the conclusion each semester of the '22-23 academic year (this honorarium is paid by the Cassandra Voss Center endowment).


2022-23 Cohort

Dr. Anna Antos - Associate Professor of Communication and Media Studies

Dr. Erica Barnett - Associate Professor of Teacher Education

Brandon Bauer - Associate Professor of Art

Dr. Eric Friedlander - Assistant Professor of Mathemetics

Dr. Terry Jo Leiterman - Associate Professor of Mathematics

Dr. Katherine O'Meara - Assistant Professor of English

Dr. Terri Schroth - Associate Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures (French and Spanish)

Dr. Stephanie Shedrow - Assistant Professor of Teacher Education 


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