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Scholarship Awards

The Cassandra Voss Women’s and Gender Studies Award
The Voss Leadership Award is an endowment that provides two annual awards to deserving St. Norbert College undergraduates engaged in
  1. Women’s and Gender Studies, which will be awarded by the Women’s and Gender Studies discipline and by the student affairs department; and 
  2. Leadership at the college and in the community, which will be awarded by student affairs.
Principal funding for the Voss Award Fund at St. Norbert College has been provided through memorial gifts from friends, relatives and colleagues of Cassandra Voss and her family.

This award will be presented to one or two St. Norbert College students who are engaged in women’s and gender studies. The director of the women’s and gender studies program will select the recipient. Preference will be given to senior(s), with a minimum cumulative G.P.A. of 3.5 or higher and is engaged in the women’s and gender studies program. The minimum amount of an award will be $1,000. The donor prefers that this award be presented at the annual academic awards dinner.

The Voss Leadership Award
The Voss Leadership Award will be given to one or two St. Norbert College students selected by the student affairs department.

The recipient should be a junior or senior student, with a cumulative G.P.A. of 3.0 or higher. Preference will be given to a student(s) in recognition of extraordinary community service mirroring the deep Norbertine commitment to social justice. Candidates should be identified by the college community at-large, and focus on students who actively serve and provide leadership and volunteerism within the span of our global community.

More specifically, recipients will demonstrate personal attributes reflective of a “giving fiber” and will produce tangible results. In addition, their approach to service will reflect efforts, which are unique and will involve change. Ultimately, their leadership will develop programs, which will both inspire and challenge their peers.

Finally, their results will be sustainable. The recipient will be announced at the annual Norbertine Leadership and Service Awards.

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