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Staff Training & Development

Human Resources offers several training and development programs throughout the year for faculty, staff and students. 

Gender-Based Misconduct and Sexual Harassment: Awareness and Prevention 
Faculty and staff training session
As members of the St. Norbert College community, it is our collective responsibility to uphold a learning and working environment that is free of all forms of sexual and unlawful discrimination. Our training courses are meant to facilitate an understanding of those institutional, managerial and individual responsibilities.

The college subscribes to Vector Solutions (formally known as SafeColleges) for various types of training opportunities for employees and students, including our sexual assault prevention mandatory training.  

There are also multiple online courses available to complete whenever you would like, and as often as you would like. Below are some of the courses that can be taken. We contract with Vector Solutions to offer an array of trainings, which are accessed through Workday, under the Learning tab.

Defensive Driving
Any “Driver” (student, faculty, staff, volunteer, contractor, or norbertine) who plans on driving a St. Norbert College-owned, leased or rented vehicle (for road use) under the name of St. Norbert College, must complete the SNC Driving/MVR Registration form so their respective Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) can be reviewed. You must be at least 18 years old to drive a St. Norbert College-owned, leased, or rented vehicle.  Students will be required to complete an online Defensive Driving course.

Professional Development

St. Norbert College employees are an invaluable resource in ensuring institutional excellence. We are committed to offering staff professional development for enrichment, renewal, growth and continuous improvement in ways that fulfill the mission, vision and goals of the college as well as strategic priorities. Such opportunities include organized programs and activities as well as individualized services and independent learning. While employees’ departments are expected to fund professional development, there may be times when a department’s budget is insufficient to meet these needs. In such cases, staff may apply for professional development funding of up to $500 per fiscal year.

The Professional Development Funding Policy provides employees with an opportunity to apply for a grant when their departmental budgets are not sufficient to pay for professional development opportunities. 

Free Development Opportunities

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