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Courses Answer the Growing Need for Ministry

At a time when there is a critical shortage of chaplains and the need for ministry is pressing, St. Norbert College – in collaboration with HSHS St. Vincent Hospital – offers courses in spiritual care.

The course provides the instruction and firsthand experience essential for providing spiritual companionship and guidance at crucial stages of life, in a variety of settings. It is designed for:

  • Theology students desiring to serve in ministry, feeling called to help others and interested in exploring the field of spiritual care in a health care setting.
  • Clergy working within their congregation who wish to deepen their skills of caring for the sick and their families.
  • Nursing and medical students wanting to explore how caring for the spiritual needs of patients will help them become better medical professionals.
  • Health care professionals seeking to deepen their spiritual growth and expand their ability to navigate the complex ethical issues encountered as they provide care in a Catholic health care environment.
  • Health care professionals nearing retirement who are seeking meaningful opportunities to give back to others.
Additionally, for those who take the course at the graduate level, the course can be an important first step toward chaplaincy status with the National Association of Catholic Chaplains.

Courses are offered at both the undergraduate and graduate level, providing an opportunity for students, no matter their age or career aspirations, to begin moving into the exploration of expansive and urgent ministerial possibilities.

To learn more about these new opportunities, including schedule, enrollment requirements and other details, contact Shannon Konitzer at shannon.konitzer@snc.edu or 920-403-3133.

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