True to our commitment to the liberal arts, our students develop their critical-thinking skills, preparing themselves for any vocation.

Tuition & Financial Aid

An Affordable Program 
Tuition costs for the M.T.S. program are competitive or even more affordable than graduate programs at many public and private institutions. At just $472 per credit, it pays to compare.

Additionally, students become part of the St. Norbert College community, an affiliation that bring with it networking opportunities, career services and resources, and access to amenities such as the state-of-the-art Miriam B. and James J. Mulva Library.

Fee schedule
Tuition per credit (2014-2015 academic year) $472
Audit per credit $236
Technology fee per course
(not applicable to New Mexico students)
Application fee (non-refundable) $50
Application for graduation fee $100

Tuition Refund & Withdrawal Policies

St. Norbert College will refund student fees (except those indicated as non-refundable) according to the refund policy schedule set for each course. A link to the refund schedule is listed on the Class Listing Schedule page for each course on the timetable in Knightline. Requests for refunds and notification of withdrawal must be in writing and addressed to the coordinator or director of the M.T.S. program. Mere cessation of attendance does not constitute withdrawal.

Payment Information
Information on payment options may be obtained by contacting the college's finance department or financial aid office. All past due amounts are subject to a late payment fee of one percent per month (12% annually). Students will not be issued official grade transcripts or permitted to register for succeeding semesters until all tuition and fees have been paid in full. Diplomas will not be issued unless all fees have been paid in full and exit requirements (Stafford and Perkins Loan recipients) have been met.