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Emily Armstrong '23, pictured, has a passion for global education that serves her well in her role as student associate in SNC's study-abroad office. As with many on-campus work opportunities, Armstrong's is giving her legitimate pre-professional experience; in her case, in advocacy and office management.

Campus Jobs Can Pay Significant Pre-Professional Dividends

Many college students work during the academic year to pay bills and earn spending money, but their jobs also offer rich opportunities for learning and professional growth, especially when your employer is St. Norbert. Just ask Gia Minneci ’24, a graphic design major.

Minneci has been working in the office of communications this fall under Nick Patton ’03, where her duties include designing posters and brochures, and sometimes helping with college publications. “This job is giving me great professional experience that’s really applicable to what I want to do in the future,” she says. “If I’d gotten a similar job at an outside company, I’d probably just be getting coffee or writing notes for the people in charge.”

Recently, she was recruited to create a logo for the physics department. Minneci is incorporating the college’s Norby figure – created by Patton – into the logo. “It’s been a lot of fun, playing around with Norby in different positions with calculators, pencils, et cetera,” she says.

Brianne DeLain ’23 agrees with Minneci’s assessment of the value of an on-campus job, noting that her position as a marketing and event coordinator with Alumni & Parent Relations has given her a wealth of experience pertinent to her future career. “My boss, Chris Betcher, has been such an amazing mentor ever since I started working here my freshman year.”

Carley Becker ’14 worked in the college’s human resources office for two years when she was a student at SNC, a field she pursued after graduation. Recently, the college hired her as a senior human resources generalist, bringing her human resources journey full circle. “I credit my success as a young professional to my campus job,” Becker says. “The team did everything they could to give me a well-rounded foundation for what a career in HR could look like after graduation.”

While a student, Becker learned about administering benefits, wellness programming, payroll, recruitment and more. She also was included in meetings and the performance evaluation cycle, affording her additional insights. “The job allowed me to gain real-life experiences I could speak to when I started to interview for my first job after graduation,” she says.

Of course, not every campus job will be related to a student’s field of study. But that doesn’t mean it’s less valuable. All campus jobs offer the utmost in convenience, for example. If you’re working at SNC, there’s no need to hop in a car or on a bus to get to work. A short (and healthy) stroll across campus, and you’re there.

Students also don’t have to worry about employers pressing them to work more hours. SNC limits student employment to 20 hours per week during academic terms; overtime is not allowed. In addition, the college offers its student employees flexibility when it comes to work hours, as its main goal is student success.

“I have never had as much flexibility with a job as I do with my on-campus job,” says Maya Leonardelli ’23, a student supervisor with Bemis Conference & Catering. “I can set how many hours I want in a week, and if I need to study for an exam, I can easily request time off.”

Although Leonardelli doesn’t plan to work in catering when she graduates – she’s an environmental sciences major – she says her job has taught her numerous skills that will make her a valuable job candidate post-graduation. She quickly cites leadership, problem-solving, teamwork, communication, relationship-building and stress tolerance.

Leonardelli also enjoys this unexpected job perk: “[President] Brian and Carol Bruess ’90 now know me and all of my coworkers by name! That’s something you won’t get anywhere else.”

On-campus positions open to any qualified student are advertised on our student employment web page.

Nov. 22, 2021