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New Student Requirements and Information

The following is required of incoming students attending St. Norbert College:

Student Payment and Disclosure Agreement: The Student Payment and Disclosure Agreement is an enrollment requirement as well as a requirement of the Federal Truth-in-Lending Act for all St. Norbert College incoming students. Noncompliance with this requirement may prevent matriculating and/or registration privileges. The student must complete their portion on the last page of the agreement. If the student is claimed as a dependent for the purpose of tax filing, the Parent or Guardian information is also required. Since students are granted open charging privileges, this agreement outlines the student's rights as a borrower and the college's rights as a lender. The Payment and Disclosure Agreement states that the student will assume responsibility for charges accrued during his/her time at St. Norbert College.

Student Payment and Disclosure Agreement (Online - DocuSign)

Student Payment and Disclosure Agreement (PDF) - If you are completing the paper (pdf) form, once completed and signed, the last two pages should be returned to Student Account Services prior to the new student’s first day of the semester.


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