Health & Wellness Services provides the campus community with confidential, quality clinical services, and opportunities to improve their overall wellness.

Health & Wellness Services

Our clinical services are provided by our team of highly-qualified and experienced nurses and advanced providers who are dedicated to helping students attain their personal, academic and life goals. Our integrated team collaborates to offer the most comprehensive care on-campus and they have access to a large network of community healthcare providers off-campus who accept referrals.

Health & Medical Services
Health and Wellness Services provides many on-campus low or no-cost services to students including: physical assessments, laboratory testing, immunizations, illness and injury treatment.

Counseling & Psychological Services
Health and Wellness Services collaborates with Counseling and Psychological Services to assist students with academic, personal or interpersonal concerns.

Health & Wellness Programs
Health and Wellness Services offers a number of programs designed to promote and support the physical and emotional health and well-being of the campus community.

Local & Self-Help Resources
We’ve assembled contact information for all of your emergency, after-hours or primary care needs. You’ll also find information on local pharmacies, and a wealth of self-help health and wellness resources.

Insurance & Health Fees
All current students are required to have a health insurance plan compliant with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Students are required to file their plan information with Health & Wellness Services, or risk being automatically enrolled in another plan. Students are also required to pay a one-time health fee each year.