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Housing Policies

Residential Education and Housing (REH) holds its policies to maintain healthy residential communities. Violation of any college policy is taken very seriously and may result in the student being considered in the college conduct system, regardless of any action taken by civil authorities. Below are a number of the college policies specific to residential life:

Housing Agreement
The housing agreement for college housing accommodations is legally binding for the entire academic year, with exceptions made for students graduating at semester or participating in college-sponsored study abroad opportunities.

When a housing agreement is signed during the continuing student selection process, the document is binding and cannot be broken.

The housing agreement is signed during the housing online application process through the portal. Students will not be released from the housing agreement between semesters. A required meeting for all students assigned to upper class areas will be held during the spring each year.

Below is the housing agreement for the 2016-2017 academic year:

Residency Requirement
The residency requirement for St. Norbert College is as follows: 

St. Norbert is a four year residential college. All students must live on campus unless released from the residency requirement. Release may be granted for commuter status or off-campus status. Students should follow proper procedures for release.

Violations of the residency status will be adjudicated through the college’s conduct process. Sanctions could include dismissal from the college for up to one semester; assignment to a housing unit and incurring the fee for the unit; and disciplinary probation.

All students need to apply for commuter or off campus, on a yearly basis. Approval is granted once you apply for either via the portal, you will receive confirmation at the end of the application that it has been approved, if you are unable to apply for off campus that means there are no off campus options available.

The Citizen: Student Handbook
All St. Norbert College students are expected to adhere to the policies written in The Citizen.

For an overview of policies commonly referred to throughout the housing process, please visit our common policies web page