As a four-year residential college, St. Norbert strives to provide students with a variety of options for quality living on campus.

Living Off Campus

Students who are eligible to apply for senior off-campus status (rent from a private landlord) can apply with potential roommate(s) through the roommate confirmation and selection process.

Apply Now

The college allows a limited number of seniors to be released from the college residency requirement to live off campus. Only students with 72 or more credits completed as of Jan. 2015 can apply. Senior and junior class standing mixed groups are not eligible. Junior class standing students cannot apply with seniors for senior off-campus status. Submitting an application does not guarantee permission to live off campus.

Senior students will not be released to live off campus after an on-campus housing assignment has been chosen and confirmed through the housing selection process.

The number of students provided with permission to live off campus is determined by the projected number of continuing students who will be living on campus as well as the number of projected number of first-year and international students. The number of off-campus spaces available will be shown in the continuing student housing selection portal during housing selection.

Students can apply as a group (eight or less) or individually. Lottery times will be used to determine the order of student groups released. Students will self-select spaces during their assigned date and lottery time in the housing portal based on their group application and confirmed roommates. After all of the off-campus spaces in the housing portal have been chosen and assigned, no further students will be released.

Students who are 23 years of age by Aug. 1, 2015, are automatically eligible for off-campus housing according to the residency requirement. If a student meets the age requirement and chooses to live off campus, he or she will need to notify REH of their intentions before the housing room selection process takes place. Students who meet the age requirement need to content REH.

Waiting List for Junior Off-Campus Status
Students who have lived on campus for two years (four semesters) as of May 2015 or have commuted from a parent or legal guardian’s home for two years are eligible to apply for the junior off-campus waiting list. To apply for the waiting list go the REH office located in Todd Wehr Hall, room 111.

The number of juniors released to live off campus will be evaluated after the number of seniors released has been determined and upperclass housing areas have been assigned. If projections suggest that additional juniors need to be released, juniors who are on the off-campus waitlist will be considered. Very few juniors, if any, will be released. A student will not be released if he or she has already signed an off-campus lease with a private landlord.

Lottery time slots will be used to determine the order of student groups released. Students can apply as a group or individually. The requests to live off campus are ranked according to the earliest lottery time slot to the latest lottery time slot per group or individual.  

Senior/junior mixed groups are not eligible to apply for senior off-campus. Only all senior group applications will be accepted for senior off-campus status.

FAFSA Housing Status
If you filed a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form, your housing status with Residential Education and Housing must agree with what you indicated on your FAFSA. If it does not, you must update your housing status on your FAFSA. A change in your housing status may result in a change in your financial aid award at a later date.