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For Faculty  

April 2014 Academic Service-Learning Newsletter

March 2014 Academic Service-Learning Newsletter 

Community Engagement Course Designation

Faculty who teach a course with a Community Engagement component are encouraged to apply for a CENG course designation. The Community Engagement (CENG) Course Designation will assist students in identifying these courses and provide you with resources and support for preparation and reflection from the Sturzl Center. Contact  the Interim Director of Academic Service-Learning, Ty Meidl to learn more.

Academic Service-Learning Development

Faculty interested in developing a service-learning component to a new course or who are interested in revising an existing course to include a service-learning component are encouraged to contact

 the Interim Director of Academic Service-Learning, Ty Meidl.

The Sturzl Center can assist with:

  • Community partnership development
  • Student preparation and reflection
  • Course implementation resources
  • Scholarly service-learning materials

Academic Service-Learning Resources 

The Service-Learning Resource Library is located in the Sturzl Center in TWH M36. Stop by the Sturzl Center on weekdays between 8:00 am-4:30 pm to check out service-learning resources. Search for materials using a quick search of the our library listings through the Mulva library online catalog

faculty serice

Academic Service-Learning Handbook

Faculty members seeking to integrate service-learning into their curriculum or learn more about Academic Service-Learning (ASL) will find helpful information in the ASL handbook information below:

Academic Service-Learning Faculty Handbook

Academic Service-Learning Advisory Committee

The Academic Service-Learning Advisory Committee supports faculty in academic service-learning and community engagement efforts.

  • Dr. Deborah Anderson
  • Dr. Eric High
  • Dr. Cheryl Carpenter-Siegel
  • Dr. Bola Delano-Oriaran
  • Dr. Deirdre Egan-Ryan - Chairperson
  • Dr. Ty Meidl - Interim Chairperson
  • Dr. Marc Schaffer

Annual Reports

2012-13 Sturzl Center Service Report

Sturzl Center for Community Service & Learning

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Fax: (920) 403-4043

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