The Sturzl Center for Community Service & Learning supports and develops the college’s mission to serve the common good by fostering campus-wide discussion on service, promoting community engagement and recognizing significant contributions to serving the common good in Brown County and beyond.

Academic Service-Learning Advisory Committee

Deborah Anderson
Associate Professor of Biology
Location: Gehl-Mulva Science Center
Room: 314
Phone: 920-403-3199

Cheryl Carptenter-Siegel
Assistant Professor of Sociology
Location: Boyle Hall
Room: 429
Phone: 920-403-3170

Bola Delano-Oriaran
Associate Professor of Education
Location: Boyle Hall
Room: 218
Phone: 920-403-3229

Deirdre Egan-Ryan
Associate Professor of English, Director of Academic Service-Learning
Location: Boyle Hall
Room: 331
Phone: 920-403-2927

Brad Ellis
Assistant Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures
Location: Boyle Hall
Room: 308
Phone: 920-403-3470

Tynisha Meidl
Associate Professor of Teacher Education
Location: Boyle Hall
Room: 238
Phone: 920-403-2903

Marc Schaffer
Assistant Professor of Economics
Location: Cofrin Hall
Room: 313
Phone: 920-403-2971