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Exam Proctoring Center within OASSA

Exam accommodations are changes to the regular exam environment and auxiliary aids and services that allow individuals with disabilities to demonstrate their true aptitude or achievement level on standardized exams or other high-stakes tests.

Students who take exams in the Exam Proctoring Center agree to:

  • Share their Accommodations Plan with the professor for any class in which they would like to utilize their accommodations. 
  • Schedule their exams at least 3 school days in advance. This will provide adequate time for the OASSA staff to gather exam materials and ensure the availability of resources. Exam Proctoring Center hours are 8:15 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  • Communicate with their professor to make arrangements for exam proctoring when extended time conflicts with other classes or exams. If exam appointment time does not coincide with the class time, please obtain the professor’s approval, and share it with our office.*
  • Notify the OASSA staff immediately if they need to cancel the exam appointment.
  • Follow OASSA policies and St. Norbert College Academic Honor Code.
  • Sign a Digital Exam Agreement if needed.
  • Conduct self in a respectful and courteous manner.

*If this process is new to you, please contact our office at acadsupport-assessments@snc.edu to request assistance. The OASSA staff will be happy to facilitate a conversation between you and the faculty.

Before the exam, students agree to:

  • Arrive on time for scheduled exams.
  • Bring all authorized materials (calculator, scantrons, pencils, etc.) needed to take the exam.
  • Leave all personal items (backpacks, coats/baggy sweatshirts, hats, purses, cellular phones, smartwatches, etc.) outside the testing room in the space provided by the office.

Exam Conditions:

  • Professors will set the parameters of the exam (closed/open book, notes/no notes, exam time limit in class, etc). The OASSA staff will follow the professor’s prearranged instructions and cannot allow any conditions that are not part of the professor's written instructions.
  • Unless a professor approves the use of a personal laptop, a student will be assigned to a laptop in the testing room.

When taking exams, students agree to:

  • Monitor their time and turn in their exams to the OASSA staff before the granted time has expired. 
  • Check their exams and notify the OASSA staff immediately if there is a problem with the exam (missing pages, wrong test, etc.)
  • Notify the OASSA staff if they need to leave the Exam Proctoring Center for any reason. Students are to hand their exams and cover sheets to the OASSA staff prior to leaving.
  • Commit to academic integrity. The Exam Proctoring Center does not tolerate any form of plagiarizing, falsifying, or cheating on exams or quizzes. Students will be held accountable to the St. Norbert College Academic Honor Code.
  • Return any borrowed equipment to the OASSA staff upon the completion of the exam (calculators, headphones, iPods, etc.).

Arriving late to an exam:

  • If a student is late to a scheduled exam, the end time will not be extended without approval from the professor. Whether or not the student is able to take the exam may also depend on OASSA space and staff availability.


To ensure a room reservation, students can submit requests for all semester exams at the beginning of the semester. Students should make their appointments by the following deadlines: 

  • Quiz/Exam: at least 3 school/business days prior to the exam date.
  • Midterms: At least two weeks before the exam date.
  • Final Exams: Please schedule your final exams two weeks before finals. Exam proctoring cannot be guaranteed if requested later. 

Faculty Responsibilities:

  • Email exam materials to acadsupport-assessments@snc.edu or deliver a hard copy of the exam to Mulva Library at least 24 hours in advance (email reminders will be sent). Delays may impact the ability to administer exams within agreed times.
  • Specify an exam time limit in class and allowed resources (notes, books, handouts, calculator, etc.). If there is no notation of any allowed resources, it would be assumed that this is a closed-book exam. 
  • To ensure student’s equal access to professors for their exam at the Exam Proctoring Center, please include in your instructions the best way to connect with you (phone, google chat, email, etc.) if students have questions and/or need clarifications during the exam.
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