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Housing Accommodations

Students with disabilities whose health, mobility or other issues may impact their ability to equally access the services or programs in their housing areas may request housing accommodations to mitigate the impact of their disability. If you are interested in receiving housing accommodations due to a disability, please read the housing accommodation procedure and complete the housing accommodation form below.

If your housing accommodation requires air conditioning, you must also complete this request form. Please return this form to Academic Support Services, Todd Wehr Hall, room 211.

Personal Information
*First name:
*Last name:
*St. Norbert College ID number:
*Email address:
*Cell phone number:
*Permanent address:
*ZIP code:
*Campus address:
*Local phone number:
*Permanent phone number:
*Class standing: Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Are you currently receiving housing accommodation? Yes No
Disability Information
*List and describe your documented disability:
*Please describe the housing accommodation(s) required by your disability:
  I have read the Housing Accommodation Procedure (please check).

Appeals Process & Disputes Regarding Access Accommodations

Informal Procedure
The student who believes he or she has a valid basis for complaint regarding requested access accommodations shall first attempt to resolve the issue with staff involved. If this effort proves unsuccessful, the complainant will discuss the concern with the coordinator of services for students with disabilities, who shall investigate the complaint and attempt to resolve the disagreement in a timely manner.  

If a resolution is not achieved, the complainant may then initiate a formal procedure.
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