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Alumni-Owned Businesses Spotlight: Vesta Senior Network

Pam Foti, Class of 1989

Major: International Studies and Spanish

Business: Vesta Senior Network in Wauwatosa, Wis.

“Vesta is Latin. It means goddess of the hearth, home and family. When I heard the word, I knew instantly it was the perfect name for my business, Vesta Senior Network. Think of me as a realtor for long-term care. With a background in pharmaceutical sales, I spent a lot of time in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. It is a very complex industry to support professionally. I quickly saw an opportunity to be a resource for individuals and their loved ones when making their long-term care selections. 

“It’s been nine years now and Vesta is thriving. I believe this is because the focus has been, and will always be, on the community, connections and compassion that are personalized for each individual who places their trust in Vesta’s services. 

“These same principles were ever-present for me at St. Norbert. In fact, when I toured the campus, it instantly felt like home. Years later, when I was the one giving tours myself, I loved connecting students and their families with that same feeling. I often joke that “all roads lead back to SNC” – but it’s true, it is at SNC where I learned that we are all interconnected and live to support, love and help one another. My professors drew out my confidence, curiosity and courage of conviction – skills I apply every day in a career I love as an advocate for families making long-term care decisions.”

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